Money Memory

1972 or so: One of the first ways I made money was by making macrame jewelry. I must have learned how to do macrame at a camp. I would search for lovely jewelry to buy at a place called Shipshewana, Indiana. My mom or dad would take us to the giant flea market and I would walk around looking for old jewelry with really pretty beads. I would buy my twine at a bead store located at the Old Kamm’s Brewery, which was known as the 100 Center.

1976: My first job to earn money and the beginning of the ability to make money to save or spend started when I began babysitting around the age of 13 or 14. I made .75 cents an hour at my first family who I recall had two kids. I don’t recall having a bank account at this time. It’s possible my money went to a Christmas Gift Club. I never had a piggy bank, wallet, or even a purse for that matter and I have no recollection of where I put my money. It’s possible I put my money in my desk drawer or in a box on my desk.